How do I get out?

If you want to resell your wines, you ask Patriwine directly on your particular space, checkout by case, or for your entire cellar. Please note that a resale cannot be made within 48 months from the date of acquisition of the investment wine in question. Patriwine may, however, initiate a resale, with your consent, within the same 48 months if an attractive offer arises. After this 48-month period, you will be able to initiate a resale request on your own initiative. This can then be done in several ways:

  • By selling your wines directly on one of the resale channels to individuals.
  • By asking Patriwine to resell the wines in a professional market.

The resale market is an over-the-counter market. The resale price is the result of market conditions at the time of resale. Patriwine recalls that the prices listed on the Patriwine website are only indicative prices reflecting the prices found in the private market, and in no way guaranteed. Your possible online resale options in the retail markets are:

  • Auctions (HT and/or TTC transactions)
  • Personal market (TTC transactions)
  • Resale platform

Patriwine can also, at your request, resell in a professional market:

  • International markets (HT transactions)
  • Professional market (HT transactions), on liveX
  • Resale from brokers

For any resale request, you must make a written request stating:

  • References for sale and quantity
  • Minimum net resale price per reference (net reserve price of all expenses deducted)
  • How to pay the price

Beware, these are markets with daily fluctuations up and down. The reserve price can therefore have a significant impact on the speed at which the resale is completed. In addition, each market operates from a specific operation that entails special fees or commissions to complete the transaction. The reserve price must therefore be a net price of any commission and resale costs.