What is the price of my wines in relation to the market?

Just visit the main online wine sales sites such as Millésima, Wine & Co, Lavinia, Nicolas... to see that Patriwine is very well placed in terms of price.

How is Patriwine remunerated?

Patriwine is first and foremost a trader and takes a normal margin on the sale in order to remain competitive.

How is my wine valued?

The wine is then revalued on a regular basis, based on the evolution of the Livex index, taking a 100 basis at the date of purchase. The method is consistent in terms of valuation on the private individual market.

Am I sure to add value?

The wine investment market is a market with up and down cycles. For example, the year 2013 saw the market decline sharply, which did not favour resales for people who invested in 2012 with a high price. 

In this case, we advised all our clients who invested during this period to wait for a new bull cycle to sell.
On the other hand, the market has been recovering strongly since 2015, which favours investors in 2013 and 2014.

Is the yield guaranteed?

Performance is not guaranteed. The past progression of the great Bordeaux wines can be seen on the Livex. It takes into account real exchanges between professionals and has been in existence for more than 10 years. Past performance cannot prejudge future performance.

Can I lose all my capital?

No, the great wines of Bordeaux will always have a certain value. The example of Brexit shows that the English use the great Bordeaux wines as a safe haven. Hence the expression red gold used by some. Profitability on the London-based Livex has increased more than usual, while the change in the parity between £ and € should have penalized British buyers.

How long does it take to resell my wines?

We recommend investing at least for 4 years. However, exceptionally, or if some wines already show a nice added value, we are able to offer you arbitrations.

Some customers wish to resell all or part of their cellar before 4 years even though our general conditions of sale specify that the investment is made for a minimum period of 4 years: in this case, the resale conditions are not met.

How is the resale going?

A "Sell my wines" tab allows Patriwine to record the request. The necessary resources are implemented according to the option chosen on the professional or private market.

And if I finally prefer to be delivered, is that possible?

This is quite possible even before the 4-year period provided that the wine has not been purchased as a first wine. In this case, it will be delivered to Patriwine after its breeding period.

In my cellar, can I have some wines on the rise and others on the decline?

The market for fine wines is subject to the law of supply and demand. Even if the history is favourable, some wines may indeed be in a loss of value and others in a gain on the same cellar.

Can I choose not to sell if the price does not suit me?

At the time of resale, a reserve price is determined by the seller. If a price is offered below this reserve price, the seller is entitled to refuse the transaction.

I heard you don't handle some resales.…

Contrary to some claims, we are currently processing all resale requests from our customers. Not all of them have satisfactory resale conditions, as long as the exit conditions suit them.

What is the difference between resale on the private market and the professional market?

As in all sectors of commerce, professionals do not buy at the same price as private individuals. The same is true for the Bordeaux Grands Crus.

Why do some press articles criticize Patriwine?

Since its inception, Patriwine has had about 100 positive articles on its business model as well as reports in the biggest TV news. Only a handful of journalists have expressed reservations, including experts who have ceased their activities or other fallacious arguments for which we do not even have the right of reply. Similarly, contrary to these writings, we are able to state that Patriwine is not officially prosecuted by a possible administration..